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Module Hierarchy

  • pyfeyn: PyFeyn - a simple Python interface for making Feynman diagrams.
    • pyfeyn.blobs: Various blob shapes to represent generic interactions.
    • pyfeyn.config: Handle runtime options and command line option parsing.
    • pyfeyn.deco: A couple of classes for decorating diagram elements.
    • pyfeyn.diagrams: Classes for the actual diagram containers.
    • pyfeyn.feynml: PyFeyn interface to the proposed FeynML XML dialect.
    • pyfeyn.hepnames: Convenience interfaces between the hepnames LaTeX package and pyfeyn.
    • pyfeyn.lines: Various particle line types.
    • pyfeyn.paint: Convenience imports for colouring etc.
    • pyfeyn.points: Various types of points for vertices etc.
    • pyfeyn.user: Convenience imports to make things easier for typical users.
    • pyfeyn.utils: Utility functions and classes for PyFeyn